Xander Pollock
Design Sprint facilitator for hire
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Design & Test a New Idea, Product, or Service With Your Cross-Functional Team in Just 5 Days Using a Design Sprint

Hi, Xander here. I'm a Design Sprint facilitator you can hire to plan and facilitate your Design Sprint. Unlike other facilitators, I was a Product Designer at Google while the process was being developed. I participated in multiple Design Sprints alongside Jake Knapp and the Google Ventures team. Before that, I founded a startup that was acquired by Google and launched new products for millions of users on the Google Maps and the Gmail teams. I’ve ran more than 45 Design Sprints as a facilitator over the last eight years.

After every Design Sprint I take anonymous surveys from participants. These are the running results from the last 52 surveys.

  • 99% say I helped aligned the team.

  • 97% say that I helped the team move faster.

  • 90% say I accelerated innovation.

  • 89% say that I helped reduce risk.

I also ask teams I work with to rate the likelihood of promoting me to a colleague. 90% of respondents rated a 9 or 10 giving me an NPS score of 85, which is 20 points higher than Starbucks and 10 points lower than Tesla.

Selected Clients

Google, Twitter, Fitbit, Adobe, Lilly, Varian, Capital Group, Wells Fargo, Cisco, Lovevery, Stanford, Abra, 23&me, Abbott, Kodak.

“Whenever a CEO needs outside help with a Design Sprint, I tell them ‘talk to Xander’. I trust his work. His skillset is unique—not only is he a fantastic designer and facilitator, but he also has experience as a startup founder, so he knows how to get at what really matters.”

Jake Knapp
Inventor of the Design Sprint

“I’ve been doing Design Thinking and Deep Dive workshops for years (with IDEO and as the head of the Innovation team for GS). The Design Sprint led by Xander was one of the most impactful experiences that I’ve encountered. We moved thinking and prototypes along so quickly and effectively in just a matter of a couple days. It was really inspiring and impressive. Xander’s understanding and experience with the Design Sprint was so comprehensive, that he was able to adapt to changes/curveballs from our team on the fly. It was truly impressive.”

Sungene Ryang
Executive Innovation Officer, GS Labs
Former Associate Partner, IDEO

“We worked with Xander to crystallize the vision of a software health feature into a very specific realization that we were able to test against real users at the end of the design sprint. The structured approach to the Design Sprint meant we made real timely progress against goals, and had the variety to keep people engaged. The design of the process also prevents single voices or viewpoints dominating early in the exploration, and meant we had meaningful contributions from all team members. I’d highly recommend it as a way to move from ideas to concrete testable product concept prototypes.”

Conor Henegan
Lead Research Scientist, Fitbit

Case Studies

Kodak Designed and Validated a Risky New Blockchain Product for Photographers

Shortly after our Design Sprint, the product beta generated over $1 Million in licensing claims validating the core experience.

  • Generated 23 Ideas & Concepts

  • Designed 1 Realistic Prototype with 17 Screens

  • Feedback from 5 Tests with 5 Customers

Orbital Insight Built a Complete Proposal, Pitch, and Product Deck Offering a New Million Dollar Strategic Service in 5 Days and Sold It on Wall Street The Following Tuesday

The team cancelled all their meetings to finally struggle through the difficult conversations and decisions to get an MVP out the door.

  • Generated 26 Ideas & Concepts

  • Designed 1 Realistic Prototype with 22 Screens

  • Feedback from 3 Tests with 3 Customers

Fitbit Designed and Tested a Way To Sell More Premium Subscriptions with a Risky New Concept in Five Days

"Our sprint got the team to go from asking 'what might we do?' to “here’s our potential!' Xander’s expertise fast tracked decision making along the way—and there was fun along the way as well.”
Amanda Rosenberg, Fitbit

  • Designed 24 Ideas & Concepts

  • Designed 1 Super Realistic Prototype

  • Generated 50 fixes from 5 customers

  • Landed on 6 huge Key Takewaways

To find out more about scheduling, pricing, coaching or anything else...
✉️ email me at xander@pad.co.

About Xander

I’m a digital product designer and Google Ventures Design Sprint facilitator based in Silicon Valley. I have 10 years of experience in tech, from founding a startup that was acquired by Google to designing and launching new products for millions of users on the Google Maps and Gmail teams.

Today, I help companies align teams and build better products faster using Design Sprints. I was trained by the inventor of the method Jake Knapp. Companies like Twitter, Adobe, and Fitbit hire me to coach them on the right way to effectively use Design Sprints and guide their teams through the process.